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Remodeling: All Your Renovation and Design Services From One Company

Home Remodeling is becoming more and more of the mainstay solution for homeowners each and every day. If you own a home in today’s economic state, Remodeling your home is likely the solution to your growing family’s needs. With simply selling your home and buying one that better fits becoming next to impossible, smart Atlanta Area homeowners are turning to the improvement of their current home. If it is a larger room, more dyanamic kitchen, or the finishing of unfinished space that already exists, LAWSON Premier Homes has the solution to your home improvement needs.

Improve The Look And Value Of Your Home With Creative Design

Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling , Room Additions and Basement Finishing are all very real and relevant solutions for families in need of new design. For relatively smaller amounts of money, a homeowner can not only add to the usablility of their current home, but with the right direction and design service, can significantly add to the value of their current Atlanta home. LAWSON Premier Homes brings years of construction experience and creative design together to provide Metro Atlanta homeowners with solutions to their Remodeling or Renovation needs.

LAWSON Premier Thrives On Our Customer Service

By first sitting down with you and understanding what EXACTLY it is you want, we can create a design that not only meets your vision but fits within your budget. Invite us to come sit down with you show you what we can do. With a FREE QUOTE and DESIGN CONSULTATION, what do you have to lose?

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Knowing What To Expect

Many homeowners simply decide they need a new kitchen or bathroom renovation and find a contractor to come in and give them design ideas. Sure this is an acceptable way of getting the job done, but no one knows your home or your family better than you do. Without some sort of background and/or needs requirements from the homeowner, the contractor is going to be greatly limited in his ability to provide exactly what it is your individual family needs or wants. LAWSON Premier Homes wants to come in, sit down and have a design consultation and talk about design issues, ideas and solutions tailored to your individual family's needs.

Preparing For Your Solution

As a homeowner you can begin by understanding what the problem is you are trying to solve. Next you can search magazines, online photos, visit new homes and also visit local showrooms. There will be more than enough design ideas already out there for you to pick and choose from and begin to get a picture of what exactly could go into creating the perfect solution for your home. This is where you bring in a qualified contractor like LAWSON Premier Homes. There will be some things like plumbing location, electrical locations, and flooring or wall issues that could limit or greatly hinder the job you are looking for. You also might learn that a solution you might have found that you figured could not work for you, could be altered or reconfigured to fit into your plan.

Choosing Your Contractor

One of the hardest jobs an Atlanta homeowner may face will be choosing the Remodeling Contractor for the job. There are many Contractors out there that have the ability to throw in a new toilet, a tub, tile the floor, change out cabinets or any other basics that go into remodeling someone’s home. As most homeowners realise, your home is likely your greatest asset, and putting it in the hands of someone who does not have the greatest attention to detail, the craftsman to provide a well built finished product or the creativity to provide a truly jaw dropping final solution is a risk many are not willing to take. Here at LAWSON Premier Homes, we have built our share of customer oriented, design specific homes and GUARANTEE a finished product that not only will fulfill your family’s needs, but add significant value to your current home. With access and an understanding of the latest and newest designs and technology, we can and will exceed the EXPECTATIONS and TRUST your family demands.

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